The Parish Pastoral Council is an important consultative body for the pastor and should reflect and represent the various pastoral activities that are carried out within the parish. The members of the council should be representative of the parish, knowledgeable about the faith, committed practicing registered members of the parish, knowledgeable about the various programs, ministries, and initiatives of the parish, committed to the evangelizing mission of the Church.

The Parish Pastoral Council functions to discern and plan for the ministry of the parish. The council is to assist the Pastor in his pastoral planning. The council should reflect on and discuss items brought to them by the pastor. The pastor may also ask council members to take a lead on the implementation of specific goals and priorities. The efforts of the members are used to aid in the implementation of the parish’s pastoral plan. This means that, although parishioners may be wearing many hats, the one being worn for the council is that of consulter and in some cases leading and coordinating implementation.

One very important function of the Council is to report to the pastor about the events and works of the various ministries and organizations in the parish. As members of parish organizations, they share particular experiences with the parish as a whole through their membership on the pastoral council. These members would not be delegates of the various committees or organizations in the strict sense; They serve as vehicles for communicating the work of the council to and soliciting input and ideas from the particular groups to which they belong.

The pastor is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the council. Since the council is his consultative body, he establishes the council’s goals and provides the guidance and priorities necessary for its proper functioning.

The President presides over and conducts all meetings of the Pastoral Council, establishes and appoints members to standing and ad-hoc committees, and serves as an ex-officio member of all committees.

The Vice-President assists the President in the performance of the above duties, assumes the duties of the President when needed, assumes special responsibilities as designated by the Chairman, President and/or Pastoral Council, and serves as an ex-officio member of all Pastoral Council Committees.

The Secretary keeps the minutes of the meetings, prepares Council documents and reports, and implements certain requests and decisions of the meeting. The Secretary will prepare a brief synopsis of each meeting that will be made available to the parish community in the bulletin and/or on the parish website. The Secretary will distribute minutes and the approved agenda to council members in advance of the next meeting. The Secretary will also maintain contact information for all council and committee members.