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Do the Words of the Lord excite you?     Maybe the Lector Ministry is for you!


Come help our Ministry by proclaiming and bringing the Word of the Lord to your community.  The readings are a part of the Church’s liturgy.  Most people in our assembly hear the Word of God only in that formal setting.  Their only regular exposure to Scripture is from the lips of the Lector and the Homilist there.  As a Lector you will be a minister, not just a reader.  Combining your faith with skill  when reading the Scripture, you will help bring the presence of God to those gathered in worship.

                                              What do you need to become a Lector?

  1.  Skills of public speaking (adequate loudness, good phrasing, proper emphasis, etc.)
  2. Respect of the Scripture as something holy.
  3. Some native abilities such as confidence, poise and sensitivity to the assembly.

                                                  What happens after I volunteer?

There are some training sessions both in the church and at the Archdiocese.  You will receive a Lector’s Workbook, which has all the regular mass readings, pronunciations and helpful hints.  You will also be entered into Incarnation’s electronic database and will receive information on schedules and the readings.  You will be partnered with veteran Lectors for a period of time until you become comfortable with the ministry.








Author:  Barbara Luther