No earthly beauty can compare with the loveliness of God’s presence, but it is for the Incarnation Altar Society to ensure that His dwelling place is maintained with the greatest dignity, honor, and respect that we can possibly offer. The mission of the Altar Society is to foster love for the house of God and to labor for its care and adornment.

The Altar Society assists the Pastor in maintaining the Altar, Sanctuary and Sacristy. Some of the things that the group does for the church include: arrangement and care of the altar linens, maintaining the sanctuary candles and the votive candles, and maintaining the holy water stoups. They generally work behind the scenes, taking care of all the details that keep the Church linens, brass, etc. looking clean and beautiful. They set up the altar before every scheduled Mass, they change the altar linens, they arrange the altar flowers, and generally keep the sanctuary clean and tidy.

Incarnation is blessed with a group of dedicated and faithful volunteers who quietly and efficiently take care of our church. Their work is quiet and un-obtrusive, overseeing the reverent care of the altar and maintaining flower arrangements that grace the sides of the tabernacle. Extra care and service is done during the major holidays such as Christmas and Easter. They also decorate for special occasions and care for the plants and flowers.


Altar Society